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Singleness Season – The Lindsey’s

If you are struggling in a relationship or freshly into your single season and struggling to find your footing, then Heather Lindsey‘s ministry is for you! Along with her ministry is a network of support called Pinky Promise. There are many chapters worldwide. Check her out to find a chapter in your city or state!






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Deliverance – Dr. Matthew Stevenson III

For those who are out of toxic relationships and have a sense of themselves in singleness but somethings still aren’t lining up. For those who hunger and thirst for a deeper relationship with God or for those who love to learn and understand the Word a little more. Dr. Matthew Stevenson III is where it’s at! I must warn you – his approach is not for the faint of heart…lol Just saying! 




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Christian Journey – Pastor Mike Todd

This Christian journey is quite the interesting one and it’s not meant to be walked alone. Sometimes seeing someone else’s faith walk helps to encourage us on our path. Pastor Michael “Mike” Todd from Transformation Church has truly been a blessing to me these past few months. I hope you can check out his various series and be blessed too!


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