Hey Fab Family!

Praise the Lord! We made it to see 2018! Now I know for many folks 2017 was a ROUGH ONE to say the least BUT God kept you. And now you have another chance to right some wrongs and get back into alignment with the Will of God for your life.

So already I am seeing the “declarations” for this year. ” Prosperity, love, business” etc. All of these are super great things! However, the Lord has placed this for me to share. He ain’t blessing NO BODY with NUTHIN, until their CHARACTER is aligned with his.

Now of course the Lord didn’t say it in those exact words but ya’ll get the point. Sis, God wants to bless you… YES! Absolute facts. But more importantly, God wants to get glory from your life! Now think about it, what kind of glory would God get if he blesses your business and you going off on a customer or you are disorganized and all over the place??

character creative 1.02.18

Jesus said to go out into all of the world and make disciples. Teach them his commandments and to obey them. How can you do that in the areas you’re seeking blessings when you’re hot tempered or you yourself are barely disciplined enough to spend quality time with God?


It’s my prayer than you align yourself with God and that your character is refined and begins to truly reflect his. I pray that as your character is strengthened that your purpose is revealed and you receive all of the promises of God starting in 2018!

Love Ya to Peace,
Cherrell A.

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