Virtual Reality

So… I’ve been MIA for a while. Intentionally and Unintentionally – we’ll get into that a but more later on hopefully. I’ve been learning a WHOLE LOT about myself this past month. God has been performing surgery on me and I don’t think he is done yet TBH. I can share with you that as he is cutting away and removing things and putting new things in place. I feel lighter. And even crazier, as things all around me seems to be crumbling or wavering, I feel grounded like never before. It’s refreshing. Come to think of it –

Jeremiah 17: 8

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.29.58 PM

I’m learning so much about true beauty as well  my value and worth in the eyes of God. About how my perception verses his view plays out in the earth. I certainly have learned about God at work in me… well, at least how much I’ve limited his work in me. Overall guys, UNPLUGGING from social media and PLUGGING into God’s presence and word has literally been like breathing for the first time. LOL, I joke around and say that I’m actually living life. It’s so crazy to say that but really, most of our days are filled with status updates, posts, likes, comments, shares, tweets and retweets, who’s in who’s DMs, etc.  I mean, I was doing things and signing myself up for projects I had no business being involved in all because it was social media dope.


No, I’m not bashing social media. After all, God definitely has a plan for me using this stream but I’m learning that I have to command it and not the other way around. TBH [to be honest] I’ve seriously been debating on whether or not I would return to my own personal social media accounts. Of course, I still use them for church and business purposes. But as for just my personal photos and friends, etc idk if I want to go back.

Okay, so we keep it real around here right? So I kinda sorta had this obsession with The Shade Room. I would be on their instagram page for hours or just on the “explorer” page literally for hours. Comparing myself to other women, envying those who were in relationships, learning about “possible business ventures” or ways to have a side hustle – just a mess. And before I realized it, I was consumed with everyone else virtual life instead of living my own the way God intends for me to do it.

So you see, I left social media,  well really Instagram for a little while. But now, I may permanently say goodbye to it. Idk guys, these adventures that I go on with God are the craziest most amazing journeys ever. And while I don’t know for sure what is up next, I am sure that it will definitely be book worthy. So until next time –  I don’t know when that will be… God bless you & I love you to peace and beyond the stars!



Cherrell A.


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