Distracted from Power

It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been thinking about what I should post about next. I wanted it to be this deep and super inspirational post, you know. But I’m always transparent with you all so it’s only right I continue that. I have been struggling with being disciplined and following God’s direction.

My direction for 2018 is to FOCUS! Months ago, actually from November of last year, God told me to Focus. At first, I was like focus on what? As I continued to seek God in prayer and studying it became clearer to me. God was getting ready to transition me and is doing some new things in my life. And of course, the enemy would use this moment as the prime time to distract me and cause me to stumble.


Y’all I have never fought distraction so hard in my life. I daily have to remind myself to spend time with God, pray about things before I accept and/or dedicate myself to them. Even food! Yes, food had been one of the biggest distractions this past couple of months. Accompanied by fatigue and of course social media. I have been at war. (Which makes me even more tired)

But in true King fashion, God is using this season of transition to teach me. He really does use all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28) When I want to get upset and blow up, he guides me in patience and peace. When I’m literally barely holding it together, he allows me to fall apart at his feet and then he puts me back together better and stronger than I thought I could be. I’m also growing closer to the Holy Spirit in this season. One thing he does to me daily is holding a mirror up to me and showing me the truth. That I’m actually still very self- centered; Selfish, self-concerned, self- detrimental, and lacking self- discipline. And because I am so full of SELF, I can’t be filled with HIM!


The bible talks about Christ followers being “filled with the Holy Spirit”. But they were able to be filled with him once they fully surrendered to him. The issue is, I’m still struggling to fully trust God.  HOW SWAY?! How can I not trust God? It doesn’t even make sense to me. But battle strategy-wise, it makes perfect sense. If I truly trust God, then it becomes easy to fully surrender to him. If I fully surrender to him, I then can be filled with the Holy Spirit of God – that is his Power! I get power then “Nothing can stop me, I’m All the way up!” ( Fat Joe voice) And we all know, the enemy cannot have that.


So the enemy has been distracting me from gaining growth in my relationship with the Holy Spirit through my own lack of discipline and food, social media, and career distractions. It’s such a basic plan that many of us overlook it. An unhealthy diet causes fatigue and I can’t or don’t want to spend time studying and meditating on the Word of God. Scrolling through social media for hours takes up my prayer time. Hustle hard and grind makes me my own idol – trying to take the role of provider and waymaker in my own life rather than God.


However, God always has the upper hand. Clearly, he has revealed the plans of the enemy and is equipping/teaching all of us how to fight against these attacks. Of course, it’s hard and frustrating most of the time. But God has never failed and the fact that he chooses to reveal what the enemy is trying to do against us proves that he wants all of his children to win. And if we follow his way, if we humble ourselves, God will lift us up to victory. Sis, let us not give up the fight. Let us be FOCUSED and Disciplined in the direction of the Lord.


Love Ya to Peace,
Cherrell A.


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