Prime 29

I don't know what it is about turning 29 in November of 2017 but there has been a major shift in my lifes sphere. I mean EVERYTHING from spiritual to mental, physically and yes even financially. Everything has begun to change for me. Now to the average person these changes would have them headed for [...]

Virtual Reality

So... I've been MIA for a while. Intentionally and Unintentionally - we'll get into that a but more later on hopefully. I've been learning a WHOLE LOT about myself this past month. God has been performing surgery on me and I don't think he is done yet TBH. I can share with you that as [...]


Hey Fab Family! Praise the Lord! We made it to see 2018! Now I know for many folks 2017 was a ROUGH ONE to say the least BUT God kept you. And now you have another chance to right some wrongs and get back into alignment with the Will of God for your life. So [...]

Fab Apparel For the Christian Fashionista

  Your eyes are not decieving you! ChristianFaithFashionista has officially partnered with Faithful Chics Boutique to sell their merchandise! Now you can purchase these amazing and stylish Tees from ya girl!   Lastly, if you really want a gift that will make a lasting impact on your sister, niece, cousins, daughter etc. You will want [...]